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Leaving Prague

On Sunday, 30th October we had our final service at ICP and on Monday started the drive to the UK. The service was great – ICP’s annual Ministry Sunday when opportunities for serving in and through ICP are highlighted. It was a good reminder that God’s work continues even when people move on – as we are. We have had a good time in Prague with great opportunities to serve God and we are very thankful for the last nearly three years. It has been especially positive for Simon as he has been able to serve as an elder in the same church with his brother Trevor – the first time they have been in the same church since Simon left home at 18!

We will miss those we have worked with, and especially all those who have been in our home group for the last couple of years. The nature of ICP is mirrored in the group; over the next few months, eight of the twelve members will be leaving Prague to go as far afield as South Africa and ex-members are in Poland and Tanzania! It has been a joy to study God’s Word with them and to learn together. It is, though, very sad to leave extremely good friends behind.

Our next few weeks will involve spending time in Motherwell looking for somewhere to live; in Exeter putting our house on the market and visiting friends and family there, as well as being back at Beacon Heath Church for a couple of Sundays. After that, we travel to the Faroes for a few weeks.

All our furniture is in storage in Prague – in Simon’s brother’s basement – and we will move that back once we have a house in Motherwell, so for the next three months we are living out of suitcases.

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