December Update

We thought it was probably time to write and let you know what has been happening the last few weeks. We left Prague on October 30th and went, via ferry from Rotterdam to Hull, directly to Motherwell where we started looking at houses. We have started the process of buying a house there, hoping and praying that it will be ready for us to move into by the end of January. We then went to Exeter where we spent a couple of weeks staying with Rob and Lucy and sorting out our house to sell. That is now all in order and it should be going on the market within the next week. We then visited Simon’s parents for a few days. At the moment, we are in Denmark waiting for a ferry to the Faroes. This should have left this evening but has ben delayed by just over 24 hours because of bad weather! We now leave midnight on Monday.
Anyone who has been involved in buying and selling houses will know that things can be a bit wearing at times and trying to do everything in such a short time frame has not been all plain sailing; but we have seen God’s hand clearly in many things and are grateful to him for his continued goodness to us.
While we were in Exeter, it was great to be able to stay with Rob and Lucy and to see Kristina and Jon. We are looking forward to being in the (almost) same country as them again. It was also good to spend time with people from Beacon Heath Church and to be able to share with them a little more of what we are planning to do at Tilsley College.
Our aim is to return to Motherwell on January 26th and we should be starting work at Tilsley at the beginning of February.
Thank you all for your prayers, please do continue to pray for us in our travels and in the process of house purchasing/selling. Pray also for Simon as he’s planning to start working on his dissertation while in the Faroes. He will also be speaking at a number of churches as well as explaining our work at Tilsley.

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