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Tilsley College is accepting students for next year. If you are interested in spending a year getting to know God and his word better, then why not join us? Some details about the college are below, but you can find out more from our website. Or contact me for more details.

Tilsley College opened in 1974 with a view to training people for Christian service in the UK and abroad. Since then hundreds of students have come through our doors and many of them are now serving God across the world.

We offer a one year course which combines theological and biblical reflection with practical experience. Most students are residential and therefore also learn by living together in community. The course runs from the end of September until June each year and the residential cost is £4595 (this includes tuition, accommodation and full board). In addition, we open up this course to external access students who wish to study a limited number of units. Have a look at the Open Access Programme to see which units are available.

Those who wish to gain further experience, as well as the opportunity to do some research, can enter our second year option. This option allows students to gain hands-on experience with a local church or with a para-church organisation, whilst engaging in guided research, supervised by college staff.

The course may be studied for personal development only or, in addition, to receive the accredited certificate. Especially for the latter, entrance to the course is possible on the basis of successful completion of secondary School education (normally evidenced in UK by pass grades in either A levels or Scottish highers) Special entrance is possible for mature students where consideration may be given for work and ministry experience in lieu of a normal set of secondary school completion certificates. All prospective students will be required to give evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to follow Biblical teaching. Candidates from non-English education systems will be required to demonstrate sufficient fluency in English to study on the course.

To receive a prospectus and/or application form please contact us at: college@glo-europe.org or telephone (+44) 1698 266776.

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