New Academic Year

The Tilsley College new academic year is well underway. Back at the end of August, we had seven students starting our Stepping Out course. This is a ministry apprenticeship scheme that involves six block weeks’ of teaching at Tilsley along with a year-long placement at a church. Four of these are returning students from our certificate course of last year and three are new students who come from a variety of backgrounds. We enjoyed a challenging couple of weeks looking at various issues surrounding what it means to be a full-time worker in a local church. There were also lectures in the books of John and Isaiah as well as time spent on the theology of ministry and the New testament’s use of the Old Testament. The students are now in their placement churches and Simon will be visiting them there over the next month. Their next block week of teaching will be the last week of October. More information on the Stepping Out programme can be downloaded here.

Once the Stepping Out students had left the college, our first year students arrived. They have now been here a fortnight and are settling into the rhythm of college life. The one year course is a demanding course involving not just Biblical Studies, Theology etc. but also practical placements where the students work in youth, children’s and social placements. They also have a four week long placement with a church or missionary in the spring.

You may be considering what God is saying to you about how you can best serve him and how you can best be equipped to serve him. Perhaps you should consider a year at Tilsley. Details on the course can be found on the Tilsley College website here.

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