Wide View Application

A very timely reminder from Peter Mead about keeping a wide view on passages when we preach.

Biblical Preaching

WideViewIf we are not careful we can easily misfire when it comes to applying Bible texts.  One cause of dangerous misfiring comes from too narrow a view of the text.  The result is application that functions as a legalistic burden – appealing to the flesh, but not consistent with the gospel.

In Narratives Look Up.  In Bible stories we can easily focus on the human characters and determine to copy or not copy them.  The moral of this story is . . . oops.  This is a recipe for burdensome preaching.  It is not a recipe for gospel preaching.  It is not really good news that the Bible is full of examples for us to copy or not copy in our own strength.  We need to always look up.  The characters are not just humans in action, they are humans living in response to God and His Word.  Their response…

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