Tolerant Christianity?

Like many people, the question of the relationship between Christianity and the buzzword of our age, ‘tolerance’ is one which I have thought about quite a lot. It was raised this morning with the decision not to allow the placing of a giant inflatable whale on the banks of the Thames (here – leaving aside the fact that the Bible speaks of a ‘big fish’ rather than a whale!).

Yesterday evening on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ the whole issue came to the fore once more, and the intolerance of those who claim tolerance was again on display with no-one apparently noticing the screaming irony of it all.

As I was considering this, I came across Ian Paul’s comments on the issue (here – “Is Christianity Tolerant?”) on his excellent blog Psephizo. So, rather than scramble some vague and incoherent thoughts together myself, I suggest you head on over there and read an excellent piece.

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