Forty Books to Change your Life…

2015 is the 40th anniversary of GLO Europe’s first full year of operation. The ministry was begun by Colin Tilsley in the early 70s and after 40 years of proving God’s goodness and faithfulness we are still going strong and fully committed to equipping, inspiring and sending a new generation of witnesses. As part of the celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness, the GLO Bookshop and Tilsley College are encouraging Christians to read “40 Books to Change your Life…”. Over the next few months, recommendations of various books which can encourage us all in our faith and personal spiritual growth will be recommended. They can be found on the GLO Bookshop website and the growing list of books will be found on the Tilsley College blog.

The first of the forty books is Thomas a Kempis’ Of the Imitation of Christ.

Forty Books to Change your Life….

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