Why theological studies and ministry training? Some (random!) reflections

I came across these thoughts today on theological studies. Some very good points which sum up much of what we aim to do at Tilsley.

Imagine with Scripture

I did my bachelor’s degree in theology in the mid-1990s. But it took me seventeen years to finish my master’s and PhD in the New Testament. The reason why it took so long was that I worked as a pastor and other Christian ministries, as well as doing non-Christian jobs to earn a living.

For many years I had the privilege of being a sessional lecturer in a number of theological colleges. Right now I am an adjunct lecturer, teaching biblical and mission studies. My studies, teaching, ministries and other working experiences have prompted me to think a lot about theological training in Australia. Here are some (random!) reflections on theological studies and ministry training.

(1) Some theological colleges focus on teaching people the “right beliefs.”

Although the curriculums of these training institutions look fairly standard, they have a strong tendency to teach people the “right beliefs.” The outworking of…

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